Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Mom came home from the office tonight thinking we would go on our usual walk but alas, it was pouring down rain. So I had to content myself with indoor play. First I rooted through my toybox for just the right whapping toys: I took out Spidey & Flower, but kept getting distracted by my kong that had peanut butter in it this morning. I kept hoping that perhaps there was a stray bit of peanut butter that I had inadvertantly missed, so of course I had to keep checking it:
Then I began whapping my BAD Spidey & Flower - I can get both in my mouth!

Another check of the kong to make sure it's empty...
Then back to some serious whapping - I didn't like the way the BAD Spidey was looking at me!
Spidey won't be messing with me again anytime soon!


Fernando F. said...

you seem to adapt very well to the weather.
Spidey didn't have a chance.

Wiggle said...

Excellent toy collection! I saw Reindeer in there too. That BAD Spidey won't smirk at you any time soon!
Love your best boy, Wiggle xxx