Saturday, February 20, 2010

Discovery Park on a Sunny Day

Today was an absolutely beautiful day so we went to Discovery Park to walk & play with my ball. The Olympic mountains have plenty of snow on them & looked pristine over the Puget Sound:

Here I am running in the tall grass!

Quit taking pics of my bum!

Playing fetch with my ball on a rope

I'm starting to get tired...

Cooling off my tummy on the grass

After two hours of walking & playing I'm now resting in front of the fireplace (fire's not on so the tiles are nice & cool on my hot tummy)

My cat Slinky is doing much better & is healing nicely. Luckily the tumor appears to be benign & although there is a small chance it could come back, it won't grow back in the same place. My cat Shadow has been a little scared of Slinky; either because he smells different or because of the cone on his head. Once the stitches are out & the cone is off things should be back to normal in our house :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents Day & Slinky

This is my cat, Slinky. He is 11 years old & is very sweet & loving, but nervous around loud noises & strangers, so he likes to hide in small, safe places. Last Tuesday mom noticed a very large, hairless lump under his right ear with a scab in the center. It wasn't there last week so she thought perhaps it was an abcess but called the vet immediately & drove Slinky, protesting loudly, to the vets that night. They did a needle aspiration & gave him an antibiotic shot & sent him home. The next day the vet called & told mom that it was a tumor & that the cells looked aggressive & they needed to remove it asap. So poor Slinky went in on Friday to have it removed, along with a teeth cleaning since he was already under & has poor teeth. We are still waiting to hear back from the lab if the tumor is cancer or not. Slinky went home that night & is doing okay, although he is doped up quite a bit on pain meds (opiates) & was befuddled for a couple days due to the general aenesthesia. The tumor was almost 3/4 inch in length, so they removed quite a bit. He has stitches from under his chin, up the side of his neck & wrapped around his right ear. It looks like his right ear has been reattached & as you can imagine, is very painful. But the good news so far is that his blood work looked "fabulous" & he is gobbling his food down like a little pig.

This is Slinky a few months ago:

This is him the day after surgery, hiding in one of his hidey-spots & looking very sad:

I have been very gentle & sweet around Slinky & since it's been raining the past few days haven't gotten my usual exercise, so being a holiday today mom took me to the park for some good, fast, ball-chasing with my new ball on a rope!

Running with my ball!

Flappy ears!

Here I am laughing

I am one happy girl!

Then we walked over to Magnolia Blvd to walk alongside the bluff. Here is looking down at the bluff to the Puget Sound

Then we rested for a bit at Sam's Bench (see little plaque)

Then we turned up the street towards home. The weather was fair today & so glad the sun came out for our walk. I had a good hour & a half of exercise so now I'm snoozing behind mom's chair, waiting for my dinner (best time of the day!)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Something Exciting in the Mail!!!

Today's mail had something for me in it!!! It came all the way from England by Air Mail from my special boyfriend, Wiggle! The envelope was even sealed with a kiss:

It was a lovely Valentine's Day card! It has pretty hearts on it:

And an oh-so-special message inside from my sweetheart Wiggle:

Here I am getting my first look at it after mom opened it for me:

I smelled Wiggle's snuffle in it & I go all googley-eyed with the excitment!

I am the luckiest Lab in the world to have such a special boyfriend like my Wiggle *sigh*

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Discovery Park

Today we went to Discovery Park, a lovely 534 acre park in Seattle about a 20 walk from my house. It used to be a military base (Fort Lawton) and was the jumping off point for all the soldiers leaving overseas in both WWI and WWII. Some of the buildings dating back to 1896 have been designated historical landmarks & are still on the site.

Ears a -flying!

C'mon mom, hurry up!

Lovely view of the Puget Sound

I found bunny poo! Score!!

Tasty bunny poo :)

Some of the old army buildings - the low shelter on the right was a bus stop for the soldiers & mom's father used to catch to bus to see mom's mother when they were dating. He was a medic here during the war years.

Some historical information about the site

Puget Sound & the Olympic Mountain range in the distance

Puget Sound

Is that a bunny I see over there?

Running down a path

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Look Pretty!

I went to the groomer today for a bath, brush & nail trim. I go because once (okay, twice) mom nicked the quick when she was trimming my nails & I bled all over & ever since I won't let her trim my nails. Everyone else can, just not her. The bandana they gave me at the groomer's has a valentine's day theme, with little hearts & "be mine" printed on it. Here I am wearing it (I smell nice, too):

Then my bff, Duke the Pomeranian came by for a visit while our moms drank tea & ate biscotti. This is Duke - isn't he cute?

As usual, Shadow the cat moved to higher ground to glare at Duke as Duke likes to bark at him. Slinky ran & hid under the bed, but Shadow is stubborn & refuse to let Duke push him around.

So Duke likes to drag out all my toys (most are bigger than he is!) I kept grabbing my squealing yellow monkey & did some serious whapping to impress Duke. But then Duke became fascinated with a couple of the cats' toys & was flinging them in the air & catching them. Since the toys he had were some the cats never play with mom let him take one home. These are some of my toys that Duke dragged out:

After Duke & his mom left to go on their walk I had my dinner & now I'm relaxing on MY sofa: