Saturday, February 20, 2010

Discovery Park on a Sunny Day

Today was an absolutely beautiful day so we went to Discovery Park to walk & play with my ball. The Olympic mountains have plenty of snow on them & looked pristine over the Puget Sound:

Here I am running in the tall grass!

Quit taking pics of my bum!

Playing fetch with my ball on a rope

I'm starting to get tired...

Cooling off my tummy on the grass

After two hours of walking & playing I'm now resting in front of the fireplace (fire's not on so the tiles are nice & cool on my hot tummy)

My cat Slinky is doing much better & is healing nicely. Luckily the tumor appears to be benign & although there is a small chance it could come back, it won't grow back in the same place. My cat Shadow has been a little scared of Slinky; either because he smells different or because of the cone on his head. Once the stitches are out & the cone is off things should be back to normal in our house :)


Wiggle said...

You had such a beautiful, sunny day! Only right for a beautiful girl like you. The mountains look stunning with snow on top. We don't have mountains!

So happy to see you running free, having fun and just wish I could have been there with you.

Love your best boy, Wiggle XXX

Fernando F. said...

such a fantastic place to play ball. I imagine you will finish sleeping 10 hours tonight.
Slinky must be having a different smell these days due to the medication. Shadow doesn't like that smell. Should be temporal. I'm happy Slinky is doing better.