Saturday, February 6, 2010

Discovery Park

Today we went to Discovery Park, a lovely 534 acre park in Seattle about a 20 walk from my house. It used to be a military base (Fort Lawton) and was the jumping off point for all the soldiers leaving overseas in both WWI and WWII. Some of the buildings dating back to 1896 have been designated historical landmarks & are still on the site.

Ears a -flying!

C'mon mom, hurry up!

Lovely view of the Puget Sound

I found bunny poo! Score!!

Tasty bunny poo :)

Some of the old army buildings - the low shelter on the right was a bus stop for the soldiers & mom's father used to catch to bus to see mom's mother when they were dating. He was a medic here during the war years.

Some historical information about the site

Puget Sound & the Olympic Mountain range in the distance

Puget Sound

Is that a bunny I see over there?

Running down a path

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Wiggle said...

Oh wow Lucy! Those photo's are really lovely & me and the human loved to see where you go to play offleash. Fort Lawton look so interesting and it must be a special place for your mom, with the family connection.

I loved to see you running and having fun offlead, and in the sunshine too! A walk made even more perfect with a little snack of bunny poop, what more could a dog want?

Love your best boy, Wiggle xxxx