Saturday, March 20, 2010

Helping in the Garden

Today was a beautiful spring day with the temperature hovering around 70F/21C so it was a perfect day to work in the garden. The morning started off with Rich the mailman leaving me a treat on our mailbox!

Mom had bought some new plants & seeds & started cleaning up the yard. I got to help, mostly by playing & running around. She made me go back inside when she was using the hedge trimmer to cut back the ivy (which she hates) but then let me back out when that was done.
She planted some butter lettuce, sweet basil, cilantro & rosemary in the herb garden along with the chives, parsley & lavender that was already growing there.
With the ivy trimmed back I can run up the steps to the upper level easily again:

She won't let me play with my frisbee when she's working in the yard because I like to run up to her, scoop up some dirt & then flip it all over her with the frisbee & then run off. I think it's great fun while she's shaking the dirt out of her hair. But today she would only let me play with non-frisbee toys like my squealing yellow monkey. Here I am taking a moment to lick the dirt off my nose before I resume monkey-whapping:
She also bought quite a few annuals but will put those in tomorrow as she's still deciding where they will go. My cats Shadow & Slinky were watching us through the screen door until it was dinner time. Now they are sleeping together on the sofa. Slinky is doing really well with taking his meds & you wouldn't even know he was sick. His tumor appears to be smaller but that could just be hopeful thinking on mom's part. Shadow feels like he has been neglected so mom takes special care to brush him with his little brush & that makes him very happy & purry.

After all that running I'm now dozing lightly on the sofa next to my cats, perhaps dreaming lovely dreams of my special boyfriend, Wiggle the Dog, whom I love the best.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Playing Fetch & Slinky Update

First my cat Slinky's update - his stitches came out on Monday & Wednesday mom noticed a large lump on his cheek which worried her, so back to the vet he went on Friday. Unfortunately he has another mast cell tumor that is growing aggressively & can't be removed because of its location. Also because of the aggressiveness they are also probably some internal tumors, too - they usually attack the spleen. We are broken-hearted because we love Slinky so very much & he is the most sweetest, loving cat mom has ever had. Mom has decided to just make Slinky as comfortable as possible until it's time. We will have the vet come to the house to put him down so he will be with those he loves up till the end. For now he is eating well & mom did manage to get some benedryl & peptid AC down him (not easy) which should help make him feel better. The tumor sends off granules which are very itchy; hence the antihistimine. They also irritate the mucous membranes so that is why he's getting the peptid AC. Mom just wants him to feel as comfortable as possible so is hoping she can keep getting the pills in him. I have been very sweet to him & very gentle; we cuddle together at night on the sofa & I nuzzle his incision & tumor very softly.

Here is Slinky this morning climbing into mom's lap for a cuddle (he's very fond of her fuzzy pink bathrobe)
Then later mom took me to the park for some serious ball fetching:
Here I am gazing off into the distance; perhaps wishing my boyfriend
Wiggle the Dog was playing fetch with me:
Here I'm putting the ball into mom's hand so she'll throw it some more!
Time for a drink of water!
Running far off in the distance