Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Very Special Package in the Mail

Today I got a very special package in the mail from my boyfriend, Wiggle The Dog, all the way from England! When mom brought the mail in I was leaping about because I knew there was a present for me:
There was a prettily wrapped package with my love's fur stuck to the tape, and a lovely card for me!
There was even a secret message on the envelope, sealed with a kiss!
Not only was there a very nice letter, but some of my love's fur!!! Mom had to tape the fur to the card because I kept licking it when I snuffled Wiggle's wonderful scent.
I was so excited mom couldn't get me to sit still for a proper picture!
Mom opened the package for me because being a dog, I don't have opposable thumbs. Inside was this fabulous sign; the very same one Wiggle has in his yard!!
Mom put it on the fence where the squirrels & the crows like to sit and taunt me. I can see the sign from the kitchen window, too, when I'm inside the house. Here I am, looking very much the Security Labrador, ready to take on any and all intruders:
This should have all the stupid squirrels and crows shaking in their size 00 boots, BOL! Thank you, Wiggle! I love you the BEST xoxo

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Sad Demise of Monkey (not for the faint-hearted)

This morning after breakfast I was resting with my head pillowed on Spidey, looking so sweet & innocent; you'd never think I was responsible for...THIS!!!!!!! In a fit of whapping I had decapitated & de-armed my rubber squealing yellow monkey with the rudely smirking face! Mom was concerned that perhaps I had eaten his head & arm; but noting that I hadn't vomited and/or pooed out any strange object lately, thought perhaps his missing parts were still in the yard somewhere. She forgot about it in the first warm, sunny day we had in ages & was out picking the first strawberries of the season when she saw this peeping from the strawberry patch:

On further investigation, she found his poor arm laying
forlornly on the grass in the upper yard:
Me & Monkey in happier (for me, anyway!) times - note he is face down, hiding his silly, smirking face in fear.... probably sensed what was coming!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Reading & Answering Peemail

Being an educated dog, I like to keep up on the news so I insist that mom take me out so I can read and answer my peemail on a regular basis. Here I am at the beginning of tonight's walk:

Sitting nicely on the front porch

Off we go! Ah... the fire hydrant - the New York Times of the peemail world! Note the discolored

portion at the bottom where myriads of peemail have been left over the years: Telephone poles are good too, but more of a gossipy nature I have
found. Here I am reading it thoroughly so as not to miss anything juicy: I then decide it's the perfect spot to leave a peemail for my boyfriend, Wiggle The Dog. Note that I pee a step away so as not to obligerate other dogs' peemail. This is the polite thing to do.
Here is the telephone pole on 34th Ave West where I left my message for Wiggle: After our walk it was still nice out so I got to play some more in the back yard with my ball! All that peemail-leaving left me thirsty so I'm rehydrating for my next set of messages I got grass bits on my face!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Mom stayed home from work sick yesterday so got to see the oh-so-interesting things we do when she's not up & about or at home during the day: Sleeping, sleeping & more sleeping!

I like it when mom doesn't make the bed... So comfy this way!

Shadow was in his usual spot on the back of the sofa, squishing it into a little Shadow-shape

Slinky is in his latest spot (he changes it frequently):
the pillow on the yellow chair is hot this month
I got my butt on her pillow, BOL! Guess mom's going to have to change that pillow case...