Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Very Special Package in the Mail

Today I got a very special package in the mail from my boyfriend, Wiggle The Dog, all the way from England! When mom brought the mail in I was leaping about because I knew there was a present for me:
There was a prettily wrapped package with my love's fur stuck to the tape, and a lovely card for me!
There was even a secret message on the envelope, sealed with a kiss!
Not only was there a very nice letter, but some of my love's fur!!! Mom had to tape the fur to the card because I kept licking it when I snuffled Wiggle's wonderful scent.
I was so excited mom couldn't get me to sit still for a proper picture!
Mom opened the package for me because being a dog, I don't have opposable thumbs. Inside was this fabulous sign; the very same one Wiggle has in his yard!!
Mom put it on the fence where the squirrels & the crows like to sit and taunt me. I can see the sign from the kitchen window, too, when I'm inside the house. Here I am, looking very much the Security Labrador, ready to take on any and all intruders:
This should have all the stupid squirrels and crows shaking in their size 00 boots, BOL! Thank you, Wiggle! I love you the BEST xoxo


Fernando F. said...

everybody is warned. If 'adorable' could kill Lucy will be lethal.

Sir Fudge Esq said...
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Sir Fudge Esq said...

Lucy without doubt, you are the dearest pup on twitter, your blog always makes me smile, say hello to the lovely Mr Wiggles for me. x