Thursday, September 9, 2010

A New Bed!

Mom decided I needed a new bed as my other one was several years old, lumpy & mishapen. She found this online at Mammouth Dog beds - it's huge & puffy! At first I wouldn't lay in it; I guess because it was new & didn't smell like me. Then later when mom was in the living room I decided to put myself to bed & when she peeked down the hallway into the bedroom, this is what she saw:
I was sleeping on the new bed! It's VERY cushiony & comfortable. Not to mention huge!
Spidey said he wanted to see what he looked like in the bedroom mirror so I was happy to oblige (by biting his butt, BOL)
I love my new bed! Thank you, mom! Now, if those stinky cats, Shadow & Slinky, will just stay out of it....

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bath Day

Today was a nice, warm, sunny day so I got the long-awaited bath. I really didn't think I needed one because I believe my doggy smell is quite lovely, but apparently mom didn't agree. So I got into the tub & she scrubbed me & rinsed me off, then let me play a bit outside (naked! without my collar!) to dry off.Looking up at mom with my cute face:
Running really fast with my kong on a rope:

Whapping my Kong on a rope!
Taking a little rest from whapping:
Looking very adorable & happy:

If only my boyfriend Wiggle could see (and smell!) me now... *sigh*