Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Wrap-up (there's a pun in there somewhere...)

There was a Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice; such a rare event on that day so we stayed up late in hopes of seeing it, despite the forecasted rainy/cloudy weather. Mom did get one good shot in our backyard between the clouds:
Here I am in my festive Santa bandana with a little jingle bell, all ready for Christmas!
We were supposed to open our presents on Christmas morning, but Shadow the cat had other ideas & dragged out one of his gifts (A catnip-stuffed fish toy) & opened it early:
Slinky got very excited over this gift & began rolling around with it on the floor in a silly manner: Being a very good girl, I waited until Christmas morning to open my gifts. I got a new furry ball, a new chewy bone, & a large cookie bone that's supposed to freshen my breath (I can't decide if I should be insulted over that one but it tastes very nommy)
Then on Monday I got my Christmas present from Wiggle! I was so excited to smell his lovely snuffle on the package!
Inside was a lovely Christmas ornament which mom hung on our tree so now we'll think of Wiggle & the human every year when we decorate the tree! I got a fabulous, flingy toy from Wiggle that made me so excited mom had a terrible time getting me to sit still for a picture as I was running & flinging it around so much. I even knocked an ornament off the tree in my wild, flinging excitment. But I finally sat sort of still for a picture:
All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas & I hope every one of you had a lovely Christmas, too! Now onto the New Year!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas...

Yesterday mom got our Christmas tree! It's a nice, fresh cut tree from Ollala Farms & smells so good. She got the decorations out of storage in the garage & then decorated it:
We have some cedar trees growing conveniently next to the house so she trimmed off some little branches to decorate the fireplace mantle:
I helped, too, mostly by getting underfoot! Here I am with my toy flower:
The cats pretended to be uninterested; here's Shadow watching from the safety of the yellow chair (Slinky was napping in the bedroom): Now, if only I see some presents under that tree with my name on them!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The first snowfall of the season is here early! Despite the horrendous driving conditions for commuters (including mom) I managed to have some fun in it. Here I am during the first snowfall yesterday: It kept snowing until late last night. When I went out for my bedtime wee, it looked like this:
"Let me in, please!"

This afternoon it "warmed up" to 27F so I went out to play some more!
Hey! My Kong-on-a-rope keeps hiding from me! How sneaky... Aha! I got you!
Sticking my tongue out at mom, BOL! We're hoping the icy roads will be better by Thanksgiving as mom is doing the honors this year. Regardless, she is still going to cook a lovely turkey so I look forward to snacking on that!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Lucy's 9th Birthday

Thursday, October 7th was my ninth birthday! I had a very exciting day, starting with opening the parcel I had received from my boyfriend, Wiggle, in England! Here I am looking very happy to be nine years old: Earlier in the week mom came home & saw this exciting parcel waiting on the front porch, addressed to me! Mailman Rich thoughtfully added a doggie treat to it:
It sat on the mantlepiece for a few days along with my card from Wiggle until it was my actual birthday. Then early in the morning, before mom left for work, she let me open it!

On the very top were two beautiful seashells from Wiggle's trip to the Devon coast in August:

He sent me a lovely card and some of his sweet fur was taped to the box. Mom helped me get it open & it was full of these fabulous treats & gifts:

Mom let me have a treat or two & then she left for the office. After work she stopped on the way home at the most fabulous place in the world, Dick's Drive In, to get me my birthday cheeseburger & fries!

I ate all the fries in two bites & then I stuffed the whole cheeseburger in my mouth, bun & all! Mom was worried I was going to choke but I managed to swallow the entire burger in one gulp. I pretty much finished my birthday dinner in under 20 seconds, BOL.

Afterwards, mom fed the cats their dinner & I thought I should have some, too, never mind I had just gobbled down the cheeseburger & fries moments before. So mom gave me ½ serving of my usual kibble. Here I am looking at mom expectantly for my second dinner:
After I had a little rest mom played fetch with me in the backyard & I played with my new, flashing ball from Wiggle! Then the next day I got to go to PJ's to pick out a new toy so I got a new squealing rubber monkey (bwah-ha-ha!) We'll see how long this one lasts, BOL!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A New Bed!

Mom decided I needed a new bed as my other one was several years old, lumpy & mishapen. She found this online at Mammouth Dog beds - it's huge & puffy! At first I wouldn't lay in it; I guess because it was new & didn't smell like me. Then later when mom was in the living room I decided to put myself to bed & when she peeked down the hallway into the bedroom, this is what she saw:
I was sleeping on the new bed! It's VERY cushiony & comfortable. Not to mention huge!
Spidey said he wanted to see what he looked like in the bedroom mirror so I was happy to oblige (by biting his butt, BOL)
I love my new bed! Thank you, mom! Now, if those stinky cats, Shadow & Slinky, will just stay out of it....

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bath Day

Today was a nice, warm, sunny day so I got the long-awaited bath. I really didn't think I needed one because I believe my doggy smell is quite lovely, but apparently mom didn't agree. So I got into the tub & she scrubbed me & rinsed me off, then let me play a bit outside (naked! without my collar!) to dry off.Looking up at mom with my cute face:
Running really fast with my kong on a rope:

Whapping my Kong on a rope!
Taking a little rest from whapping:
Looking very adorable & happy:

If only my boyfriend Wiggle could see (and smell!) me now... *sigh*

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Odds & Ends

Today mom met a friend for coffee at Starbucks in the morning (without me!) and when she came home saw this in the mailbox:

I had received a postcard from Devon, England from my boyfriend, Wiggle! He was on holiday with his human and his sister, Sofy, on the Devon coast last weekend and had many adventures and ate lots of nommy food (we Labs are VERY interested in food). My mailman Rich thoughtfully added a doggie treat to my postcard (thank you, Mailman Rich!) Here I am coming over to inspect my postcard with Spidey in my mouth:

Shadow the cat seemed uninterested as there was nothing for him
in the mail so therefore gave us "the back"
I have also been playing with my kong on a rope in the backyard this week - here I am running really fast; leaning into the curve just like a racing pony!
Giving mom the "Play with me" stare: I am a happy girl!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Dog Days of August

The hot summer weather has finally arrived in Seattle so we have been enjoying it. Mom replaced my old, broken pool with an inflatable model which so far hasn't sprung a leak despite my enthusiastic playing. Here I am taking my very first leap into it with my floating Kong:
Splashing! Shaking! Playing!
Staring at my floating Kong, daring it to move...
Then grabbing my floating Kong!
I love my pool!!!!! (and mom too, of course!)
Meanwhile, Shadow the cat prefers to spend the hot days laying about the house. Here he is catching the breeze from the opened front door:
Here is Slinky, all stretched out (you know it's hot when Slinky stretches out thin) on MY blankie at the foot of the bed. I guess I could let him sleep there... For now, BOL