Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The first snowfall of the season is here early! Despite the horrendous driving conditions for commuters (including mom) I managed to have some fun in it. Here I am during the first snowfall yesterday: It kept snowing until late last night. When I went out for my bedtime wee, it looked like this:
"Let me in, please!"

This afternoon it "warmed up" to 27F so I went out to play some more!
Hey! My Kong-on-a-rope keeps hiding from me! How sneaky... Aha! I got you!
Sticking my tongue out at mom, BOL! We're hoping the icy roads will be better by Thanksgiving as mom is doing the honors this year. Regardless, she is still going to cook a lovely turkey so I look forward to snacking on that!

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Fernando F. said...

your last picture is fantastic.
I love those 'tongues out' pics.