Friday, April 22, 2011

A Sunny Day with my New Toy!

Mom got her tax refund today so that put her in a particularly good mood. When she came back from grocery shopping she brought me this new toy!
 I immediately started running around with it in the back yard while mom was doing some weeding. Do I suspect that she *may* have bought this toy to distract me while she does yard work? No....
 Mom thinks I look very cute here!
 I was so busy playing with my toys I couldn't be bothered to drop them while I attended to some business: (thanks, mom for showing the whole world me weeing)
 Leaning into the curve just like a racing pony!
 Resting in the shade & giving my toy chicken a little chew:
 I didn't like the way this BAD chicken was looking at me so I kept working him over, BOL!
 Now the squeaker is gone (perhaps I ate it?) and his comb has little holes in it:
All in all, a fab day playing in the sunny backyard! That BAD chicken won't be trash-talking me again any time soon, BOL BOL BOL

Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 21, 2011

Mom has the week off so today since it was sunny (still cold!) we walked along the Magnolia Bluff. We started here at Magnolia Boulevard:
Then we walked along the edge of the bluff, looking out onto the Puget Sound & the Olympic mountains beyond.
 We have had a La Nina winter here in Seattle, which mean colder than normal. In fact, this has been the coldest April on record - mom is still wearing her winter coat! The cold has been hard on the local flora; several old Madrona trees along the bluff did not survive:
 Looking down towards the water:

 I am being camera-shy; or rather just more interested in looking elsewhere:
 There are several benches along the bluff where one can sit & look out at the Sound. People buy them & put little plaques memorializing loved ones who have passed away.
 Lots of very, very good sniffing to be done here!
 And lots of people & dog watching!
 Our last view before we walk back home:
Mom wanted to come here today & was glad the weather was sunny. Six years ago on this day mom's divorce was finalized, and she & I had walked along this very bluff. It was early evening & cloudy but mom wore her sunglasses because she did not want anyone to see her tearful eyes. She walked in a stunned sort of daze, not quite believing she was no longer married after 11 years. I trotted along sympathetically at her side, wishing there was something I could do that would make her feel better.

Six years later  now & we are so much better off then we were then! Mom is at peace now & either though I am older & grayer, I'm happy, too. We give thanks every day for how blessed we are.