Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July!

We celebrated the Fourth of July at home yesterday, as mom doesn't like to leave me home alone during the fireworks, so she turned down plans to spend it with some friends. The weather was beautiful, 78 degrees. I played in the backyard while mom sunbathed. Then she BBQ'd a huge steak for the both of us - she gave me half of it!!! I got a bit of potato salad she made, too. (if mom's vegan dad is reading this, she RARELY has red meat so don't worry!)
 Then after I had rested a bit (and she washed the car) I had more extended back yard play time to make up for a lack of a walk. Since fireworks had been going off all day around the neighborhood she didn't want to risk walking me & having me scared. I'm only scared of the really loud, booming ones. I told her I wanted to play fetch with this toy:
 Throw it again!
 Sniff break:
 Back to more play:
Surprisingly, later on when the fireworks got really loud (we could even see some from our front window!) I wasn't very scared & even went to sleep on mom's bed as usual, so I was a very brave girl :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Trip to the Vet

Today I went to the vet for my yearly check up & shots. Also, mom wanted to schedule an operation to have my lipomas (fatty tumors) removed & my teeth cleaned, so that is scheduled for this Thursday. I have heard rumors that I won't get breakfast that morning, which concerns me greatly as one cannot go about skipping meals, especially if you're a Lab! To distract me from this worrisome thought, mom stopped off at the field across the street from our old house so I could play there like I used to! First I sniffed the field to see if I could smell any familiar smells:
 Then I ran around, sniffing here & there & generally just being happy:
 We got my ball out of the car so I could play with it:
 Here I am on the Pitcher's mound! I plan on pitching the ball low & away, BOL
 Surveying my domain:
 Here comes Lucy! (mom's favorite picture of the day)
Now we're back home & I am resting on the cool tile as it's a hot day today; patiently waiting for dinner time :)