Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Trip to the Vet

Today I went to the vet for my yearly check up & shots. Also, mom wanted to schedule an operation to have my lipomas (fatty tumors) removed & my teeth cleaned, so that is scheduled for this Thursday. I have heard rumors that I won't get breakfast that morning, which concerns me greatly as one cannot go about skipping meals, especially if you're a Lab! To distract me from this worrisome thought, mom stopped off at the field across the street from our old house so I could play there like I used to! First I sniffed the field to see if I could smell any familiar smells:
 Then I ran around, sniffing here & there & generally just being happy:
 We got my ball out of the car so I could play with it:
 Here I am on the Pitcher's mound! I plan on pitching the ball low & away, BOL
 Surveying my domain:
 Here comes Lucy! (mom's favorite picture of the day)
Now we're back home & I am resting on the cool tile as it's a hot day today; patiently waiting for dinner time :)

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