Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Happy Day at the Park!

Today I went to the dog park on Mercer Island with my friend Jack & his mom, Carrie. I've never been to this park before & although it's small, it does have a swimming area on Lake Washington so I was in seventh heaven because I LOVE to swim. Jack likes to splash around in the shallow part but doesn't swim per se, but he has fun in his own way (by trying to herd pugs, BOL).

 Me & Jack
 Mom brought my toy I got from my boyfriend, Wiggle the Dog, for Christmas because it floats. Here it is being thrown for me (that's Jack's tail you see!)
 Swimming! O joy!
 C'mon, Carrie! Throw it for me!
 There it goes!
 Mom had a hard time taking pictures because we kept moving out of the frame so fast, BOL
 This is my toy:
 I think that this was one of the happiest days ever, because I swam & played & swam some more. I am one tired girl! (and Jack is pretty tired, too, - he didn't even want to get out of the car!) Here I am in my bed, all ready for a nap:

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Fernando F. said...

what a nice blog. You are part dog, part duck.
you really need some rest now.
and I can see you have your soft ball that Wiggle gave you, the one from that funny video.