Friday, April 22, 2011

A Sunny Day with my New Toy!

Mom got her tax refund today so that put her in a particularly good mood. When she came back from grocery shopping she brought me this new toy!
 I immediately started running around with it in the back yard while mom was doing some weeding. Do I suspect that she *may* have bought this toy to distract me while she does yard work? No....
 Mom thinks I look very cute here!
 I was so busy playing with my toys I couldn't be bothered to drop them while I attended to some business: (thanks, mom for showing the whole world me weeing)
 Leaning into the curve just like a racing pony!
 Resting in the shade & giving my toy chicken a little chew:
 I didn't like the way this BAD chicken was looking at me so I kept working him over, BOL!
 Now the squeaker is gone (perhaps I ate it?) and his comb has little holes in it:
All in all, a fab day playing in the sunny backyard! That BAD chicken won't be trash-talking me again any time soon, BOL BOL BOL

1 comment:

Wiggle said...

You look SO cute! I just loved the photo of you running, leaning into the curve. That mean-mouthed chicken won't have much to say now!

Love your best boy, Wiggle XXX