Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Mom came home from the office tonight thinking we would go on our usual walk but alas, it was pouring down rain. So I had to content myself with indoor play. First I rooted through my toybox for just the right whapping toys: I took out Spidey & Flower, but kept getting distracted by my kong that had peanut butter in it this morning. I kept hoping that perhaps there was a stray bit of peanut butter that I had inadvertantly missed, so of course I had to keep checking it:
Then I began whapping my BAD Spidey & Flower - I can get both in my mouth!

Another check of the kong to make sure it's empty...
Then back to some serious whapping - I didn't like the way the BAD Spidey was looking at me!
Spidey won't be messing with me again anytime soon!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Afternoon at the Park, Part II

Here's a little video of me running & playing fetch with my whistling ball! The wind was very loud so you couldn't hear my ball whistle.

Afterwards, I came home & rested a bit & then mom gave me my treat - frozen yogurt!

When mom was shopping at Fred Meyer's this morning for groceries she noticed a section for imported British groceries (they have sections for Eastern Europe, Germany, India, etc.) so she got these biscuits in honor of my boyfriend, Wiggle The Dog & his human. She said they were quite nommy, but I can't have any because they have chocolate on them. She was tempted to get the canned Spotted Dick to see what it was like, but stuck to the biscuits. Here's my cat Shadow checking them out:

All in all, it has been a fun day for all of us. Now I am waiting patiently for my dinner :)

Afternoon at the Park, Part I

Today was another beautiful day, but cold & very windy. We went to Discovery Park as it's the perfect place for me to run & play & be a dog. Here are the Olympic Mountains over the Puget Sound: The very nanosecond mom took my leash off I was off & running! Wheee!

More wild running!

Ooo, now here's an interesting smell! Thought about a roll in it...

But decided to play fetch with my whistling ball on a rope - not that you could hear the whistle as the wind was very loud!

I saw another chocolate lab but he was more interested in his ball than me. I grabbed my ball & carried it around to show him it was mine:

Time for a cool drink of water

Sitting patiently for a treat & staring at mom's pocket where they're kept:

Discovery park was originally Fort Lawton, a military base used as a jumping off point for soldiers going overseas in WWI and WWII. Here is the military chapel, where I imagine many a soldier prayed for their safety in before heading to war.

Mom took a little video of me playing fetch so that will be in Part II of this post. Also, she bought me some frozen vanilla yogurt for being such a good girl so I will have some of that later - yum! Many thanks to my darling boyfriend, Wiggle The Dog, who had frozen lollies today on his blog & gave mom the idea of getting me a frozen treat!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Little Video of Me Playing!

Here is a little video of me playing with my whistling ball today!

Spring Day

Today was a beautiful spring day with the sun shining bright. I started off the day lounging on the sofa in a spot of sunlight: Then we went outside for some fetching with my whistling ball on a rope - c'mon, mom, throw the ball! Throw it!
I got dirt on my tongue!
Banking the corner like a race horse:
Flappy ears!
Wild flinging!
Time for a drink of water to cool off:
I took little breaks while mom was working in the garden. Now I'm inside, resting before my dinner. My cats, Shadow & Slinky, are indoor-only but they were watching me play through the screen door, occasionally meowing an opinion on my fetching skills. Or maybe they just wanted to be fed...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bath Time

Today was apparently Bath Day. Mom just bought some nice organic doggy shampoo with oatmeal, aloe & shea butter & said it would make my fur all nice & soft, & sweet-smelling, too! So I jumped into the tub & waited for her to turn the water on.

Hey! She got some suds on my nose! And she's taking pictures of me naked!!!

I'm wagging my tail because I actually sort of like baths! I like to shake my loose fur all over the tub & shake water all over mom.

Afterwards she wouldn't let me go outside to roll around & get my old smell back. She said I had to dry off inside.

Once I was dry, I got sprayed with a doggy cologne that makes me smell like a big gingerbread cookie! Here I am posing for the camera (you'll have to imagine how good I smell)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Today is Easter Sunday, so a trip to grandma's house for Easter Dinner was in order. Here is grandma's Easter table centerpiece. Note: There wasn't any candy for mom so she was sadly disappointed. Luckily mom made delicious cupcakes for everyone & there was a bumbleberry pie for dessert, too.
And here is grandma's enormous cat, Skippy (grandma claims he has hypothyroidism)
Later at home, me & the cats (well, Slinky anyway) got some lovely leftover ham!
Slinky was really yelling for that ham but for some reason Shadow hung back & didn't ask for any. I, of course, being very good, went into a proper downstay:
Slinky got very greedy & started reaching up to snatch it out of mom's hands!
Here he is jumping up towards the ham (a blurry action shot!)
Slinky's cancer is now in remission so mom is very glad he has an appetite & doesn't mind him yelling for more ham. I got lots of ham too, because I am such a good girl :)
Now I am laying on the sofa, relaxing before our evening walk & hoping it won't rain on us, as it's been a wild, windy, stormy & wet week. Maybe I'll find an Easter egg or two on my walk tonight...