Saturday, April 24, 2010

Afternoon at the Park, Part I

Today was another beautiful day, but cold & very windy. We went to Discovery Park as it's the perfect place for me to run & play & be a dog. Here are the Olympic Mountains over the Puget Sound: The very nanosecond mom took my leash off I was off & running! Wheee!

More wild running!

Ooo, now here's an interesting smell! Thought about a roll in it...

But decided to play fetch with my whistling ball on a rope - not that you could hear the whistle as the wind was very loud!

I saw another chocolate lab but he was more interested in his ball than me. I grabbed my ball & carried it around to show him it was mine:

Time for a cool drink of water

Sitting patiently for a treat & staring at mom's pocket where they're kept:

Discovery park was originally Fort Lawton, a military base used as a jumping off point for soldiers going overseas in WWI and WWII. Here is the military chapel, where I imagine many a soldier prayed for their safety in before heading to war.

Mom took a little video of me playing fetch so that will be in Part II of this post. Also, she bought me some frozen vanilla yogurt for being such a good girl so I will have some of that later - yum! Many thanks to my darling boyfriend, Wiggle The Dog, who had frozen lollies today on his blog & gave mom the idea of getting me a frozen treat!

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