Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Day

Today was a beautiful spring day with the sun shining bright. I started off the day lounging on the sofa in a spot of sunlight: Then we went outside for some fetching with my whistling ball on a rope - c'mon, mom, throw the ball! Throw it!
I got dirt on my tongue!
Banking the corner like a race horse:
Flappy ears!
Wild flinging!
Time for a drink of water to cool off:
I took little breaks while mom was working in the garden. Now I'm inside, resting before my dinner. My cats, Shadow & Slinky, are indoor-only but they were watching me play through the screen door, occasionally meowing an opinion on my fetching skills. Or maybe they just wanted to be fed...


Fernando F. said...

great pics of your day.
you are very athletic.
I love the garden.
No wonder with all the work that your mama does there. I'm sure you help a lot too.

Wiggle said...

Lucy, I love your flappy-eared action shots! Looks like lots of fun. And you were lying on your cushion on the sofa. What a lovely, sunny Sunday.
Love your best boy, Wiggle xxx