Saturday, April 24, 2010

Afternoon at the Park, Part II

Here's a little video of me running & playing fetch with my whistling ball! The wind was very loud so you couldn't hear my ball whistle.

Afterwards, I came home & rested a bit & then mom gave me my treat - frozen yogurt!

When mom was shopping at Fred Meyer's this morning for groceries she noticed a section for imported British groceries (they have sections for Eastern Europe, Germany, India, etc.) so she got these biscuits in honor of my boyfriend, Wiggle The Dog & his human. She said they were quite nommy, but I can't have any because they have chocolate on them. She was tempted to get the canned Spotted Dick to see what it was like, but stuck to the biscuits. Here's my cat Shadow checking them out:

All in all, it has been a fun day for all of us. Now I am waiting patiently for my dinner :)


Fernando F. said...

is nice to be loved... good running ended in ice cream.

Wiggle said...

You are so fast! I loved watching you run after your ball, my love. And iced yoghurt, sounds nommy! Love your best boy, Wiggle xxx