Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Today is Easter Sunday, so a trip to grandma's house for Easter Dinner was in order. Here is grandma's Easter table centerpiece. Note: There wasn't any candy for mom so she was sadly disappointed. Luckily mom made delicious cupcakes for everyone & there was a bumbleberry pie for dessert, too.
And here is grandma's enormous cat, Skippy (grandma claims he has hypothyroidism)
Later at home, me & the cats (well, Slinky anyway) got some lovely leftover ham!
Slinky was really yelling for that ham but for some reason Shadow hung back & didn't ask for any. I, of course, being very good, went into a proper downstay:
Slinky got very greedy & started reaching up to snatch it out of mom's hands!
Here he is jumping up towards the ham (a blurry action shot!)
Slinky's cancer is now in remission so mom is very glad he has an appetite & doesn't mind him yelling for more ham. I got lots of ham too, because I am such a good girl :)
Now I am laying on the sofa, relaxing before our evening walk & hoping it won't rain on us, as it's been a wild, windy, stormy & wet week. Maybe I'll find an Easter egg or two on my walk tonight...


Annie said...

Aww what lovely Easter Day pics! U are impressive " 'wait'for ur kitty 2 eat 1st! LOLicks

Wiggle said...

Did you find any Easter eggs? I hope you did and that ham looks VERY nommy! You're so good doing your downstay that you deserve lots and lots of ham.

Love your best boy, Wiggle xx