Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day

Today is a holiday so mom had the day off. It's President's Day, in honor of our past presidents. Mom needed to get gas for the car & when she came back, she had this most FABULOUS bag with her!!
 And it's not even my birthday! Dick's on Holman Road is right by mom's favorite (read that: the cheapest) gas station so she thought we could have a little treat! Here I am waiting for my cheeseburger, which is just out of view (but not out of smell, BOL)
 Remembering how I ate my cheeseburger in one bite the last time, she wisely cut it up into four pieces so I wouldn't choke. I gobbled it down in mere seconds! Mom also shared her nommy fries with me.
The camera battery needed recharging after the last picture so you can't see me "woogling" on the floor in glee after I finished my treat. Later we will go for a loooonnggg walk to work off those cheeseburgers, BOL.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Lazy Cats & Me

The other day was very sunny for January (not very warm, but sunny) so of course Shadow the cat laid in front of the window like a slug, the epitome of feline laziness:
 As soon as mom got up from her chair he decided that was the perfect spot for him to absorb even more rays. Mom booted him off, however so back to the tabletop he went.
 Slinky has dibs on the yellow chair:
 I patiently waited until lunchtime so mom could stop working & take me for my walk. Here I am giving her my most persuasive stare:
 After our walk we went into the backyard for a game of fetch!
 Flappy ears! Happy Lab!
 Concentrating very hard on my kong-on-a-rope
Today it's raining again here in Seattle so no backyard game of fetch... sigh.