Friday, February 4, 2011

Lazy Cats & Me

The other day was very sunny for January (not very warm, but sunny) so of course Shadow the cat laid in front of the window like a slug, the epitome of feline laziness:
 As soon as mom got up from her chair he decided that was the perfect spot for him to absorb even more rays. Mom booted him off, however so back to the tabletop he went.
 Slinky has dibs on the yellow chair:
 I patiently waited until lunchtime so mom could stop working & take me for my walk. Here I am giving her my most persuasive stare:
 After our walk we went into the backyard for a game of fetch!
 Flappy ears! Happy Lab!
 Concentrating very hard on my kong-on-a-rope
Today it's raining again here in Seattle so no backyard game of fetch... sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Shadow lets you compare him to a slug? You're a brave dog... cats have big sharp claws you know and being likened to a slug isn't very nice. BOL maybe he's not nice to you. That kong-on-a-rope looks pretty fab and your green octopussy thing too!!