Friday, September 9, 2011

My "Meeting"

Often when mom is at the office & I'm at home, nomming my kong, I sense that she is eating all sort of fabulous food leftover from "meetings." Yesterday was one of these days as her company had Safeway store managers in for some product demo. So, they had: bacon, sausages, eggs & pastries in the morning, chicken with carmelized onions, giant pretzels, fruit & cheese mid-morning, and then for lunch (yes, they had lunch after all that!) pulled-pork & beef BBQ with potato salad & cornbread. Anyway, there were lots of leftovers so mom & other employees were snacking on that all day. My boyfriend Wiggle The Dog suggested that I too should have a "meeting" & have snacks brought in. I decided today at noon would be my meeting, and my caterer, who looked a lot like mom, prepared this tasty tray:
 Calling my Meeting to order:
 Being served my catered snack tray:
 Attending to important business - meeting adjourned directly following the eating of snacks
 Last night on our walk, it was still so warm (84F degrees) we decided to walk down around the Magnolia Bluff, on Magnolia Boulevard, as the sunset was spectacular:
 The Olympic Mountain range west of Puget Sound

 Not much breeze, but lots of sailboats were out in the Sound
 As we walked southward on Magnolia Blvd we could see the rising moon:
 The moon through the Madrona trees growing on the bluff:
 Me on our walk last night:
Such a beautiful, warm night & a fab walk! We met lots of people and dogs out enjoying it just like us.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Today is Labor Day & it's another hot, humid, sunny day in Seattle. We walked over to Magnolia Park off of West Galer Street so I could run around & play some fetch. There's lots of shade there & lots of people were having picnics. I saw some nice dogs, too. Some guys were playing bocce but they laughed at me & told me the balls would be too heavy for me to play with. Below on the left are the booce players & on the right were people having picnics.
 Under the tree in the shade, sniffing my flingy ball
 Here I come!
 Doing some BIG running!
 Throw it some more!!!
 Mom tried to get a shot of the marina, but the blackberries were too high & blocked the view
 One last throw:
Afterwards we rested under a shady tree while I drank lots of water & cooled off before we started back home. Now I'm resting, waiting for dinner....

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Things I Did This Week

Well, summer has finally come to Seattle so I have done some fun things this week. Monday after mom got home from work, her friend Carrie (Jack's mom) texted her & wanted to see if we could come with them to Seward Park on Lake Washington. So we hopped in Carrie's SUV & drove to the park on a pretty, warm evening. Here's me going after a ball & Jack looking around:
 The water was as warm as bath water because of the hot weather we've had so it was fun to swim in. Here's mom throwing me the ball:
 Here I come!
Today we went on a long walk over to the viewpoint at the top of the Magnolia Bridge, just off of West Galer Street. Here I am looking through the fence at the Holland America Cruise ships docked at the marina & downtown Seattle beyond:
 The cruise ships in Smith Cove with downtown in the background:
 Then we walked westward on Galer to this little park where mom let me off leash for a bit to run around & sniff & play:
 C'mon, let's play!
 Sniffing all the interesting smells
 Sitting for a picture but looking away from mom:
 Taking my last look at the park before mom puts my leash back on:
 Now I'm inside resting, waiting for my dinner (best time of the day!)