Saturday, September 3, 2011

Things I Did This Week

Well, summer has finally come to Seattle so I have done some fun things this week. Monday after mom got home from work, her friend Carrie (Jack's mom) texted her & wanted to see if we could come with them to Seward Park on Lake Washington. So we hopped in Carrie's SUV & drove to the park on a pretty, warm evening. Here's me going after a ball & Jack looking around:
 The water was as warm as bath water because of the hot weather we've had so it was fun to swim in. Here's mom throwing me the ball:
 Here I come!
Today we went on a long walk over to the viewpoint at the top of the Magnolia Bridge, just off of West Galer Street. Here I am looking through the fence at the Holland America Cruise ships docked at the marina & downtown Seattle beyond:
 The cruise ships in Smith Cove with downtown in the background:
 Then we walked westward on Galer to this little park where mom let me off leash for a bit to run around & sniff & play:
 C'mon, let's play!
 Sniffing all the interesting smells
 Sitting for a picture but looking away from mom:
 Taking my last look at the park before mom puts my leash back on:
 Now I'm inside resting, waiting for my dinner (best time of the day!)

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