Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Today is Labor Day & it's another hot, humid, sunny day in Seattle. We walked over to Magnolia Park off of West Galer Street so I could run around & play some fetch. There's lots of shade there & lots of people were having picnics. I saw some nice dogs, too. Some guys were playing bocce but they laughed at me & told me the balls would be too heavy for me to play with. Below on the left are the booce players & on the right were people having picnics.
 Under the tree in the shade, sniffing my flingy ball
 Here I come!
 Doing some BIG running!
 Throw it some more!!!
 Mom tried to get a shot of the marina, but the blackberries were too high & blocked the view
 One last throw:
Afterwards we rested under a shady tree while I drank lots of water & cooled off before we started back home. Now I'm resting, waiting for dinner....


Fernando F. said...

this sounds like a perfect day.
very nice pics.

Ms. ~K said...

Nice to meet you, Lucy!