Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Dog Days of August

The hot summer weather has finally arrived in Seattle so we have been enjoying it. Mom replaced my old, broken pool with an inflatable model which so far hasn't sprung a leak despite my enthusiastic playing. Here I am taking my very first leap into it with my floating Kong:
Splashing! Shaking! Playing!
Staring at my floating Kong, daring it to move...
Then grabbing my floating Kong!
I love my pool!!!!! (and mom too, of course!)
Meanwhile, Shadow the cat prefers to spend the hot days laying about the house. Here he is catching the breeze from the opened front door:
Here is Slinky, all stretched out (you know it's hot when Slinky stretches out thin) on MY blankie at the foot of the bed. I guess I could let him sleep there... For now, BOL

1 comment:

Fernando F. said...

Lucy is the definition of happiness when she is in that pool. I hope those nails are well trim so the pool last till the end of summer.

Nice to see Shadow and Slinky in full activity (not!).