Friday, July 9, 2010

A Hot Day!

After three months of record low temperatures & rainfall, summer finally came to Seattle. The last few days it has been in the 80's/90's, with yesterday being the hottest day so far at 95F/35C. When mom came home from work it was too hot for our usual three mile walk so I had to stay in & wait until it was cool enough to go outside. It was still around 90F after 8pm so mom gave up on the idea of a walk & we headed for the back yard which was cooler then the house by this time. Mom settled in with a glass of wine while I stared at here with my "play with me!" stare:

C'mon, play with me! Don't just sit there! Get up!

I found my whistling ball and ran around for a bit but it really was too hot for active play so I contented myself with stretching out on the grass to cool my tummy & chew on my ball.

Slinky the cat (whose cancer is still in remission - yay!) stared at us jealously through the window & meowed at us periodically to let us know he was NOT happy.

Then his littermate Shadow the cat shoved him away from the window & glared at us, too. Though both are indoor-only cats, Shadow has been outside a few times lately with mom supervising but he gets scared & runs back toward the house; much preferring to watch the outside world through an open window.

Making a mad dash towards my ball!

Another moment of rest and looking very happy to be playing outside, heat or no heat:

Keeping myself well-hydrated with some nice, cool water:

Look! When it starts to get dark outside I get alien eyes!

Today the temperature is about 10 degrees less so we are grateful for that, as it was really too hot yesterday.

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Fernando F. said...

nice to see you making something of your day during this hot days (here in Montreal too).
You have a very long tongue :)
You look very pretty in that grass.