Thursday, September 9, 2010

A New Bed!

Mom decided I needed a new bed as my other one was several years old, lumpy & mishapen. She found this online at Mammouth Dog beds - it's huge & puffy! At first I wouldn't lay in it; I guess because it was new & didn't smell like me. Then later when mom was in the living room I decided to put myself to bed & when she peeked down the hallway into the bedroom, this is what she saw:
I was sleeping on the new bed! It's VERY cushiony & comfortable. Not to mention huge!
Spidey said he wanted to see what he looked like in the bedroom mirror so I was happy to oblige (by biting his butt, BOL)
I love my new bed! Thank you, mom! Now, if those stinky cats, Shadow & Slinky, will just stay out of it....


Fernando F. said...

aaawwww! you look very nice in that over dimension bed. your mom really loves you. the size of that bed is the proof. Is going to have your beautiful smell in no time (like everything else in that house).

Wiggle said...

My love! I didnt realise you had blogged about your fabby new bed! There's only one thing that bed needs - me!!! Love always, your Wiggle xxx
(sent via telepathy)