Friday, June 18, 2010

Reading & Answering Peemail

Being an educated dog, I like to keep up on the news so I insist that mom take me out so I can read and answer my peemail on a regular basis. Here I am at the beginning of tonight's walk:

Sitting nicely on the front porch

Off we go! Ah... the fire hydrant - the New York Times of the peemail world! Note the discolored

portion at the bottom where myriads of peemail have been left over the years: Telephone poles are good too, but more of a gossipy nature I have
found. Here I am reading it thoroughly so as not to miss anything juicy: I then decide it's the perfect spot to leave a peemail for my boyfriend, Wiggle The Dog. Note that I pee a step away so as not to obligerate other dogs' peemail. This is the polite thing to do.
Here is the telephone pole on 34th Ave West where I left my message for Wiggle: After our walk it was still nice out so I got to play some more in the back yard with my ball! All that peemail-leaving left me thirsty so I'm rehydrating for my next set of messages I got grass bits on my face!

1 comment:

Fernando F. said...

no wonder the mailman don't deliver those pee-mails... to hard to lift them from those places.
You are such a smart doggy, grass bits or not.
(that's a very long tongue)