Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Mom stayed home from work sick yesterday so got to see the oh-so-interesting things we do when she's not up & about or at home during the day: Sleeping, sleeping & more sleeping!

I like it when mom doesn't make the bed... So comfy this way!

Shadow was in his usual spot on the back of the sofa, squishing it into a little Shadow-shape

Slinky is in his latest spot (he changes it frequently):
the pillow on the yellow chair is hot this month
I got my butt on her pillow, BOL! Guess mom's going to have to change that pillow case...


Anonymous said...

hahaha! Dude, your butt on her pillow, that is truly gross!

Such a pretty dog, such a crass ass!

Cheers Lucy, Love your blog, x

Fernando F. said...

Lucy, you have a wonderful coat.
Shadow and Slinky are a perfect complement.
I had many cats and 2 look like them.
Your mom is suppose to assign you your own pillow. This is not your fault. I see 2 sides on that bed... I think that is 'your' pillow.