Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Look Pretty!

I went to the groomer today for a bath, brush & nail trim. I go because once (okay, twice) mom nicked the quick when she was trimming my nails & I bled all over & ever since I won't let her trim my nails. Everyone else can, just not her. The bandana they gave me at the groomer's has a valentine's day theme, with little hearts & "be mine" printed on it. Here I am wearing it (I smell nice, too):

Then my bff, Duke the Pomeranian came by for a visit while our moms drank tea & ate biscotti. This is Duke - isn't he cute?

As usual, Shadow the cat moved to higher ground to glare at Duke as Duke likes to bark at him. Slinky ran & hid under the bed, but Shadow is stubborn & refuse to let Duke push him around.

So Duke likes to drag out all my toys (most are bigger than he is!) I kept grabbing my squealing yellow monkey & did some serious whapping to impress Duke. But then Duke became fascinated with a couple of the cats' toys & was flinging them in the air & catching them. Since the toys he had were some the cats never play with mom let him take one home. These are some of my toys that Duke dragged out:

After Duke & his mom left to go on their walk I had my dinner & now I'm relaxing on MY sofa:


Wiggle said...

Oh you do look so pretty, my love! Especially with your pink bandana! Wish I could come and play with your toys, just like Duke. Love your best boy, Wiggle xx

Pickle's mummy said...

Pickle says: BARK! BARK! You look gorgeous Lucy, but I'm not sure about that furry little fox Duke. Reckon I'd eat him for lunch. BOL!