Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents Day & Slinky

This is my cat, Slinky. He is 11 years old & is very sweet & loving, but nervous around loud noises & strangers, so he likes to hide in small, safe places. Last Tuesday mom noticed a very large, hairless lump under his right ear with a scab in the center. It wasn't there last week so she thought perhaps it was an abcess but called the vet immediately & drove Slinky, protesting loudly, to the vets that night. They did a needle aspiration & gave him an antibiotic shot & sent him home. The next day the vet called & told mom that it was a tumor & that the cells looked aggressive & they needed to remove it asap. So poor Slinky went in on Friday to have it removed, along with a teeth cleaning since he was already under & has poor teeth. We are still waiting to hear back from the lab if the tumor is cancer or not. Slinky went home that night & is doing okay, although he is doped up quite a bit on pain meds (opiates) & was befuddled for a couple days due to the general aenesthesia. The tumor was almost 3/4 inch in length, so they removed quite a bit. He has stitches from under his chin, up the side of his neck & wrapped around his right ear. It looks like his right ear has been reattached & as you can imagine, is very painful. But the good news so far is that his blood work looked "fabulous" & he is gobbling his food down like a little pig.

This is Slinky a few months ago:

This is him the day after surgery, hiding in one of his hidey-spots & looking very sad:

I have been very gentle & sweet around Slinky & since it's been raining the past few days haven't gotten my usual exercise, so being a holiday today mom took me to the park for some good, fast, ball-chasing with my new ball on a rope!

Running with my ball!

Flappy ears!

Here I am laughing

I am one happy girl!

Then we walked over to Magnolia Blvd to walk alongside the bluff. Here is looking down at the bluff to the Puget Sound

Then we rested for a bit at Sam's Bench (see little plaque)

Then we turned up the street towards home. The weather was fair today & so glad the sun came out for our walk. I had a good hour & a half of exercise so now I'm snoozing behind mom's chair, waiting for my dinner (best time of the day!)


Lucy the Lab said...

Update: Vet called tonight & said the lab said the tumor was probably benign & that they are sure they got it all! Yay!
Lucy the Lab

Wiggle said...

Oh Lucy, that is such good news! What a relief for you and your mom.
We loved your photo's, especially you running & flappy ears! Ball on a rope is one of my favourite toys I just wish we could play together as I know we'd have fun!
Lots of love, your best boy, Wiggle XXX

Anonymous said...

Lucy I loved reading this. I was thrilled with Slinky's good news, truly relieved for all your gorgeous family.

Thank you so much for giving me the link to your lovely blog.

Cheers Lucy x

Cokie the Cat said...

Hi Lucy,

I'm so glad you got good news about Slinky. He does look very sad in that second post-surgery pic. Please post a new one when he's happier so we can picture him happy and healthy!

Cokie the Cat