Sunday, June 9, 2013

Finally! An Updated Post

Mom has been quite remiss in keeping my bloggie updated! I told her she must start posting for me again so...

Friday there was an exciting package in the mail with my name on it! Then mom got a card with her name on it, too! Here's the exciting package:

Since it says "Royal Mail" on it, I knew it was from my love, Wiggle The Dog, in the UK. When mom opened it, inside were three little packages. Even the kitties got a package! Here's Shadow getting a closer look (at MY package, I might add...)

She tried to get a picture of me sniffing the package but I was too excited and wiggly for a good picture. Here is the package with wet spots from my licking:

Wiggle said I could open mine (mom's is for her birthday next week). Since I've had some runny poos this week and am on a strict diet of chicken and rice, I can only sniff my chewie sticks for now.

I was all a-blur with excitement!

Thank you, Wiggle! xx


Fernando F. said...

is nice to be loved :)
I love your oversized flower :)
you can surely wap the flower all over the place.

Wiggle said...

I love how you licked your little parcel! I don't so much love how much interest Shadow had in your parcel. He should stick his little kittynose on his own gift!

I hope your tummy is better soon so you can have a chewy.

Love, your best boy,
Wiggle xx