Monday, May 21, 2012

I did a 5K!!

On Saturday, May 12th, I went with mom & her friend Adrienne to do World Concern's "Free Them 5K" run/walk for charity. All the donations go to fight human trafficking worldwide, so it was for a good cause. You can read more about it here:

It was a sunny day & there were lots of people & lots of dogs, too! Each dog got this fabbie bandana donated by the Christian Veterinary Mission

Here I am with mom just before we started:
We also had a group photo taken with Women of Purpose, the group we were affiliated with for the 5K. I wouldn't turn to face the camera as I would rather stare at mom, I guess:
After the walk there were booths & stuff with food & live music provided by Addison Road. I myself scored a Krispy Kreme donut that someone had foolishly dropped on the ground so I snagged it, BOL!

Here I am with mom's friend Adrienne  while mom apparently had her finger or something over the camera lens (have you noticed mom never takes attractive pictures of me? I should sack her as my photographer, BOL!)

I was a very good girl during the whole thing & mom was happy with me. I probably was one of the oldest dogs there, but I am still an active girl for my age! Afterwards mom got us a pizza, so all in all, a totally fabbie day for a very good cause!

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