Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Gorgeous February Day

Yesterday & today we have had unseasonably warm weather here in Seattle. A few weeks ago we were deep in snow, and yesterday it was 62F / 16.6C ! Today was not quite as warm but was still nice so we walked down to Magnolia Blvd, which is a lovely walk along the Puget Sound bluffs just north of downtown Seattle.
 There were lots of people & dogs out walking & plenty of sailboats in the Sound, although there wasn't much wind.
 There was so much to look at I kept turning my head excitedly this way & that, & wouldn't look at mom for a picture!

 A cargo ship, probably from China, anchored out in the Sound:
 The Olympic Mountains to the west:
 The Elliott Bay Marina with the Port of Seattle in the background (and the edge of Mount Rainier on the right)
 There are many view points along the Boulevard in which to admire the views.
 Walking south on the Blvd, with downtown Seattle & the Space Needle (just above the house on the left) visible in the distance:
 Back home on my front porch, I STILL wouldn't look at mom for a picture! This time I was interested in the neighbors across the street dragging their recycle bin to the curb, BOL.
 But later, in the back yard, I finally looked into the camera for mom & smiled!


Wiggle said...

Such a fabbie walk and you look so pretty! I wish I could walk with you along Magnolia Blvd, side by side in the sunshine.... *sigh*

Love your best boy, Wiggle xx

Fernando F. said...

very nice weather you are having there. Montreal is around -5, which is warmer than usual.
Lucy, you have a serious long tongue. I'm sure your mom appreciates your kisses... wet kisses :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not suprised you wouldn't look at the human with that halti thing over your nose. Yuck.